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Our Projects

New Infrastructure Projects Designed to Support the Salinas Valley Agriculture Industry: Precooling, Cold Storage, Processing, Renewable Energy, Automation

GIC Salinas Campus, LLC

28-Acre GIC Salinas Campus Redevelopment

The Redevelopment of our iconic 28-Acre Commercial Pre-Cooling, Cold Storage & Processing Campus

PHT will acquire, redevelop, operate, and lease a 28-Acre Consolidation Center and Cross-Dock facility located in Salinas, California. As the anchor project in the Salinas Cooler Portfolio, our 28-Acre campus is shovel ready and will be the first property developed.

Our new state-of-the-art facility will employ renewable energy, automation, and enhanced truck flow to maximize throughput and minimize costs.

There are currently four separate coolers:

  • Cooler 1: 49,126 sq. ft.          
  • Cooler 2: 38,012 sq. ft.             
  • Cooler 3: 57,433 sq. ft.
  • Cooler 4: 63,026 sq. ft.

Existing Conditions

Opening for the 2026 Season

Our new facility will be the first dedicated fresh produce consolidation and shipping location in the Salinas Valley and will serve as a central distribution hub for companies sourcing produce and other perishable food from the region. By allowing for the consolidation of goods in one central location, we aim to significantly reduce transportation costs, carbon emissions, and truck traffic, while leveraging renewable energy, automation & robotics, and streamlined truck flow to increase throughput and maximize shelf life.


Existing Conditions

New Facility


Site Plan & Building Specifications

431,500 SF Regional Consolidation Center and Cross-Dock Facility

Project Details

  • Located in Salinas, CA right off Highway 101
  • 431,500 SF temperature-controlled building including a 22,500 SF Office, 6,000 SF engine room, and a 2,000 SF shipping office area
  • 428,011 SF of solar PV-lined shade bay
  • 59 shipping docks and 30 receiving docks
  • 288 POV spots with 60 long-haul truck parking stalls
  • Microgrid system with solar, cogeneration, and backup battery storage
  • 2-story support structure to house a 2,000 SF forklift storage, 2,000 SF maintenance, 1,000 SF observation and control center, and a 3,000 SF employee breakroom

Advantages Over Existing Facilities…

We develop each of our facilities to stand the test of time, equipping them with the latest in renewable energy, automation and robotics, and enhanced truck flow.

Our facilities are all built with four primary goals in mind:

Maximize Throughput

Never Break the Cold Chain

Minimize Operational Cost

Improve Food Safety and Security

Pre-Cooling Yard covered by Solar PV Shade Bay

4-High Pallet Racking

Renewable Energy

GIC Salinas Campus will utilize solar, cogeneration, battery, and microgrid systems to drive down costs and greatly reduce our carbon footprint.


Our facility will incorporate the latest technology in racking, material handling, temperature monitoring and control, and robotics to eliminate mistakes and improve produce handling.

Solar Shade Bay

A state-of-the-art shade bay lined with solar PV will cover the Pre-Cooling Yard, ensuring that produce unloaded from field trucks will remain at the optimal temperature to maximize shelf life.

Enhanced Truck Flow

Our redesigned truck flow will streamline operations and allow our tenants to quickly and efficiently pre-cool and cool their product, boosting throughput to 130 million units per season.



16220 N. Scottsdale Rd, Ste 260, Scottsdale, AZ 85254