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Acquisition and Development

Industrial Pre-Cooling and Cold Storage


who we are

PHT  Development Group

PHT Development Group LLC is an innovative investment and development company focused exclusively on the Post-Harvest Agriculture industry. We specialize in the acquisition, development, construction, and asset management of pre-cooling and cold storage facilities, temperature-controlled warehouses, food processing facilities, and distribution centers for suppliers, operators, and end-users along the fresh produce cold chain.

Our mission is to facilitate the movement of high-quality produce from field to table through sustainable and cutting-edge AgTech solutions.

PHT Development Group is owned by PHT Holdings, LLC, a holding company that also owns PHT, Inc. – a vertically integrated management, investment, and consulting company specializing in the Post-Harvest Agriculture industry. Along with PHT, Inc.’s portfolio companies – Central Coast Cooling, Facilities Management Group, and PHT Investment Group – our family of companies aims to radically transform the Agriculture industry by innovating across every step in the fresh produce supply chain.

What We Do

We develop, build and own cold storage facilities for operators and users.

PHT Development Group brings capital, real estate experience, and cold storage design, development, and operations expertise to help our customers with:

Build to Suits

Cold storage users often require specialized facilities. We acquire optimal locations and develop facilities customized to the needs of food companies, third-party logistics operators, and other cold storage users.

Multi-User Developments

Cold storage facilities that serve the needs of multiple users can reduce per pallet costs of operation. We favor bringing together customers to a single facility when helpful.


Expensive cold storage real estate can trap valuable capital in an illiquid asset. We free up that cash for our customers by purchasing their existing facilities and leasing them back on favorable economic terms.

Existing Facility Purchase

Older cold storage facilities may fail to meet the evolving needs of today’s users. Obsolete facilities require investment to maximize the efficiency of the asset. We purchase and repurpose such facilities into modern, high-quality cold storage buildings.

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To learn more about our projects, please contact our leasing team and we will be in touch shortly!